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KLH Worker controlling the cross-laminated timber tiles

Technical Data-Sheet

Product Large-sized solid wood panel with crosswise glued lamellae
Product name / Brand KLH
Other Product Names Cross-laminated timber (CLT), X-Lam
Use Structural elements for walls, ceilings and roofs
Durability Service classes 1 and 2 according to EN 1995-1-1
Wood Types Spruce (pine, fir, stone pine and other wood types on request)
Panel Structure 3, 5, 7 or more layers depending on static requirements
Lamellaen Thickness 20 to 45 mm, technically dried, quality-sorted and finger-jointed (with additional internal sorting to ensure compliance with our high material specifications)
Strenght Class C 24 according to EN 338, maximum 10% C 16 permitted (compare ETA-06/0138)
Gluing Formaldehyde-free PUR adhesive, approved for load-bearing and non-load-bearing components indoors and outdoors according to EN 15425
Laminating Pressure At least 0.6 N/mm²
Wood Moisture 12% (+/- 2%) on delivery
Maximum Dimensions Length 16.50 m / width 2.95 m / thickness 0.50 m
Produced Widths 2.40 / 2.50 / 2.73 / 2.95 m
Surfaces / Quality Categories Non-visible quality (NVQ) / Industrial visible quality (IVQ) / Domestic visible quality (DVQ)
Weight 5,5 kN/m³ according to ÖNORM B 1991-1-1:2011 for structural analysis
500 kg/m³ for determination of transport weight
Deformation Rate In panel plane 0.01% per % change in wood moisture content, perpendicular to panel plane (panel thickness direction) 0.24% per % change in wood moisture content
Thermal Conductivity λ = 0.12 W/(m*K) according to EN ISO 10456
Heat Capacity cp = 1600 J/(kg*K) according to EN ISO 10456
Diffusion Resistance µ = 50 (dry) to 20 (wet) according to EN ISO 10456
Air Tightness KLH solid wood panels can generally be used as airtight layers.
Connections to other components, butt joints, penetrations, etc. must be sealed appropriately.
Reaction to fire Euro class D-s2, d0
Resistance to Fire According to ETA - 06/0138